Alister McDermott Cricket Academy

AMCA is a Brisbane-based cricket academy that offers cricketers the opportunity to take their cricket to the next level. AMCA prides itself on providing a positive and enjoyable learning environment to develop all areas of its client’s game and foster players of all age’s, male and female, on and off the field.

At AMCA we are experienced in offering One-on-One and Group sessions that enables players the ability to train at a high intensity through simple but effective training drills. In addition to, holiday camps and School programs which are specifically designed to introduce kids to the game of cricket whilst keeping them active and improving their fine and gross motor skills.



My name is Luke and I have been training with Alister for about 6 months and have really enjoyed working with him to improve my cricket skills. I enjoy working with Alister because he makes his instructions clear and easy to understand. He also knows how to help people with different levels of ability. He allows me to choose what I want to work on at each session, whether that is fielding, batting or bowling depending on what I feel I need to work on. Alister makes training fun and I know my cricket has improved since I started with him. I would recommend Alister to anyone like me, wanting to get better at cricket.

Luke Johnson