Online Coaching

AMCA is offering an Online Coaching program to help those who may not be able to access a specialist coach due to lack of time, distance or current social distancing guidelines.

Included in AMCA's Online Coaching program:

  • Player registration via the form below and upload a minimum 5 minutes of footage of your desired skill (batting, bowling, WK or fielding). For optimal results, please include footage from all angles.
  • An invoice will be sent to the player once registration is complete.
  • Once payment has been received, the video footage will be reviewed and analysed by Alister McDermott, Owner & Director.
  • Within 4 business days of payment, a report will be sent to the registered email. The report will provide feedback including drills, technical and training recommendations.
  • A second round of feedback can be provided on request.


Purchase the online coaching program for only $60 by filling out the Registration Form below.


Registration Form