Coaching Sessions

Private Coaching

AMCA offers 1 hour or 45 minute one-on-one coaching sessions, these are a great way to get immersed in your own development and gain a greater understanding of yourself as a player. These sessions include video analysis, written feedback after the session and a high quality-training environment. If you have any other training requests, please contact AMCA directly, via the bottom of the page

These sessions involve a precise but holistic approach to improve all facets of your game. Whether you are a batter, bowl (fast or spin) and wicket keeper, AMCA will help you take your cricket the next level by exposing you to a variety of challenging training environments.

Video analysis to provide instant feedback during the session

Written feedback after completion of a session

High volume training


Purchase 10 sessions upfront and receive AMCA apparel for free (Shirt & Water Bottle)

Group Training

Group sessions are available for 2 – 10 people. If you enjoy training in a competitive environment with your friends to replicate a game or have friend(s) who perform the opposite skill (e.g. one bowler and one batsman), why not train together?

Price dependent on numbers. More people the cheaper per person the session is.

Minimum time allowance for a group is 1 hour.