Alister has been coaching my 14 year old son for approximately three months. Alister regularly takes the time to speak with Ollie throughout his sessions so he is reminded of what they are working towards. Alister's range of cricket skills and knowledge have meant that both batting and fielding have been worked on at different points in time. Ollie is benefitting significantly from Alister's ability to relate what they are doing back to a match scenario. As we are nearing the start of another season of cricket, Ollie is looking forward to working with Alister to improve all aspects of his game.

Nikki Kahl

Alister’s wealth of cricket knowledge and experience and his friendly, easy going personality make him a great coach for cricketers of all ages. Young cricketers in particular will benefit from his professional expertise and the ease with which he communicates his technical understanding of the game.

Tim Oates

My name is Luke and I have been training with Alister for about 6 months and have really enjoyed working with him to improve my cricket skills. I enjoy working with Alister because he makes his instructions clear and easy to understand. He also knows how to help people with different levels of ability. He allows me to choose what I want to work on at each session, whether that is fielding, batting or bowling depending on what I feel I need to work on. Alister makes training fun and I know my cricket has improved since I started with him. I would recommend Alister to anyone like me, wanting to get better at cricket.

Luke Johnson

Our sons have been receiving personal coaching from Alister McDermott for 6 months now and absolutely love it. Alister is an extremely engaging coach who always takes a genuine interest in not only their cricket but also their general lives. Our eldest son, Luke, is a mad-keen cricketer who was lacking confidence in his game until he started with Alister. Since he met Alister his confidence has grown in all aspects of his game. He is analyzing his own game and making better decisions through the guidance Alister provides. Because of the improvements we saw in Luke, we decided our other son would benefit from Alister’s coaching, and he has. The holistic approach Alister takes with AMCA is fantastic. He takes the time to focus on the concerns each son may have while still looking at all aspects of the game, be it fielding, batting, bowling and even match tactics. Our sons always come away from training feeling positive and ready for the game ahead. We would highly recommend AMCA by Alister McDermott to any parent or cricketer wanting to achieve the most from the game.

Paul and Kylie Johnson

Alister was first and foremost lovely and friendly and also very professional. His coaching skill was fantastic and my son benefited enormously from just one session. He corrected his batting stance and his bowling action and offered a lot of advice. Thank you Alister.

Coleen Purdy